The lifeline for any event is undoubtedly the FOOD. Whether this is a matter of 200 or 25 guests, food is essential for every event. The happiness and satisfaction of your guests depend upon the quality of menu. Thus, if you are not sure how to choose a perfect caterer, then go through some of these questions that would help you in hiring the caterers that are best in this party business. You may even ask the birthday party venue about their in-house catering service and decide whether they would be perfect for your occasion or not.

  1. How much of choice do you provide in your menu?

This question is of utmost importance because variety is what your guests would be looking in your birthday menu. The traditional ones are of course popular enough, but kids, as well as youngsters today, feel the need to try out something new and exotic at a party.

  1. Could you relocate at the chosen locations?

It might be possible that your chosen birthday party venue is devoid of any in-house catering service. In this case, you should definitely ask your birthday party caterer to migrate to your venue at the day of your party.

And if it is some outstation venue for your birthday party, then make it a point to send them beforehand to avoid any last minute scruples. Do ask them if they are going to charge you with some additional charges.

  1. Are there a Themed Menu on your list?

Themed parties are all in a rage. Thus, more worldly as well as enthusiastic guests might look out for themes in your meals too. Therefore, ask your catering service if they can draft up a themed menu.

Like, if your birthday girl has a Barbie theme, then you may conjure up some strawberry flavoured cupcakes, shakes or pastry cake for your guests.

Your daughter’s friends are surely going to get all googly eyed over the expanse of desserts before them.

  1. Will you be comfortable in working with my budget?

The options in catering are endless. So, you need to have a clear discussion with your catering service over how much every appetizer or drink is going to cost. Or is there the food item you desire, could be prepared on some minimal ingredient. Just make a head count of your guests and adjust the menu with the food expert at the birthday places.

  1. What can you do for guests with some health restrictions? 

Nowadays, the menu list that is conjured up, contains special food items for diabetic, gluten-free or a simple vegan meal concerning some guests.

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